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In 1988, Piet Warren began to work on an idea to produce and duplicate the giant Sable Antelope (hippotragus niger variani).

His dream was to breed Sable with horns of 125cm (50 inches) and longer. He came to realize that using superior bulls was essential if one was to improve the horns of a cow's progeny.

Superior cows (those with longer horns) must be mated with an even more superior bull, as both the bulls and the cows add to the genetic growth and improvement of the following generation.

The dream to breed the giant Sable has gained momentum, and local Sable breeders have come to realize the enormous potential in attaining outstanding genetics through their selection of breeding animals.

Through careful selection, measurement and observation, this dream can become a reality.

Please visit our auction page to see details about the Piet Warren Bull Auction that was  held at Sable Park in Gravelotte Limpopo.

Two new South African records were set with a pure Zambian Sable bull “Mopanie”, at R27 m and a Zambian X bull “Zulu” at R17 m. Please click on the video link to the right to see the auction and the history that was made.

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NEW SA RECORD R 27 million,

PIET WARREN auction exceeds all expectations

View video of auction